Saturday, December 2, 2006

Sun Enhances its Java Content Delivery Server for Mobiles

Sun Microsystems introduced new features for the Sun Java System Content Delivery Server (CDS), a mobile content delivery and management platform for mobile operators.

Sun's CDS is designed for vending of mobile content, including content catalogs, storefronts, viral marketing tools, payment and delivery components. New features such as the Central Device Catalog enable service providers to launch new devices by aggregating sources of content from multiple providers and then collecting accurate data to help ensure correct records, enabling the segmentation of customers according to usage patterns and demographics.

The content download process is improved by allowing a user to download content through a mobile-originated push, using a short code, and by keyword. Users with older phones or devices will now have access to premium SMS content services -- higher value content like music, rich ringtones, graphics, video and games.