Sunday, December 10, 2006

ShoreTel Monitors Enterprise Voice Quality

ShoreTel introduced a real-time network monitoring software tool that provides IT managers with a view of network performance to isolate problems and ensure optimal voice quality.

ShoreWare System Monitor delivers continuous monitoring, diagnostics and alerts to provide real-time monitoring of all network devices regardless of vendor or brand. As a standard, SNMP-based software solution, ShoreWare System Monitor automatically recognizes every device on the network. It also provides Web-based, remote monitoring so that distributed enterprises can manage traffic at remote and branch sites.

ShoreWare System Monitor is available in two deployment models to accommodate both resellers and enterprise customers. Customers can subscribe to the product and monitor their networks directly. In addition, due to the Web-based remote monitoring capability, ShoreTel channel partners can leverage the functionality of ShoreWare System Monitor to deliver value-added monitoring services to their customers.

Pricing is based on a subscription model and starts at $1,750 annually for 250 network interfaces (product support included) and can scale according to company growth.