Monday, December 4, 2006

PMC-Sierra Introduces EPON Silicon for China

PMC-Sierra announced the availability of EPON optical network unit (ONU) and optical line terminal (OLT) silicon devices that support China Telecom defined algorithms and features for the Chinese telecom market. The new PAS6301 ONU chip for CPE and the PAS5201 OLT chip for Central Office equipment together provide an end-to-end EPON solution.

PMC-Sierra said it developed the devices to meet new China Telecom standards that define data encryption and decryption algorithms, quality of service procedures and classification protocols, making them ideal for emerging high-volume deployments in China.

Forward Error Correction (FEC) is provided in both the ONU and OLT devices, enabling higher split ratio and longer physical links in the access network. In addition, the PAS6301 includes VoIP support to lower the cost of providing voice over fiber. Both devices support large packet buffers for higher quality IPTV broadcast capabilities, which is a significant improvement over previously available devices.

Also, during the ITU Telecom World 2006 conference in Hong Kong, PMC-Sierra and ZTE Corporation are demonstrating interoperability between the ZTE GPON OLT and PMC-Sierra's GPON ONT reference design. PMC-Sierra's ONT is based on its gigabit/second "GigaPASS" FTTH architecture deployed in high volume in the EPON FTTH product line. The GigaPASS device architecture combines a wire-speed data path with an OEM programmable control processor with software OS and middleware software stacks. The GigaPASS architecture supports QoS-aware line rate processing for all packet sizes.

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