Sunday, December 10, 2006

PMC-Sierra Announces 336-Channel T1/E1/DS3/E3 Framer

PMC-Sierra introduced a scalable framer for next generation voice, wireless and router platforms based on proprietary and AdvancedTCA /Advanced Mezzanine standards. Target applications include high density SONET/SDH, T1/E1 and DS3/E3 line cards used in voice and media gateways, wireless infrastructure and routers.

PMC-Sierra's new TEMUX 336 is a single-chip solution integrating OC-12/STM-4 or 4xOC-3/STM-1 SONET/SDH framers for working and protect links, 336/252 T1/E1 framers, 12 DS3/E3 framers, 12 M13/G.747 multiplexers and 12 VT/TU mappers. The device features:

  • Clock control and jitter performance required by 3G wireless, TDM over Packet (PWE3) and Circuit Emulation applications;

  • Integrated Extended Serial SONET/SDH Interface (ESSI) serial links utilizing PMC-Sierra's field-proven high-speed serial backplane technology;

  • An equipment protection interface that uniquely fits the constraints of ATCA/AdvancedMC based systems;

  • A small form factor and low power to meet board-level requirements;

  • Seamless interconnect with PMC-Sierra Layer 2 solutions via the Scalable Bandwidth Interconnect (SBI) interface; and

  • Firmware compatible with previous-generation TEMUX devices.

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