Sunday, December 3, 2006

NET Releases its Multi-Service, High-Speed Switching Platform

Network Equipment Technologies announced the commercial release of its NX5010 platform, a next generation, high speed multi-service aggregation and switching platform designed for geographically dispersed data centers, making it possible to collapse into a single integrated system the multiple switches currently required to perform SAN to WAN communications.

NET said its platform, which was initially developed for government and financial customers, has demonstrated the ability to transfer up to 60 terabytes of InfiniBand data over a distance of 4500 km in only 32 hours -- the largest amount of InfiniBand data ever transferred per unit time over a wide area network.

The NX5010 was jointly developed by NET and Bay Microsystems. It is offers the ability to convert 10 Gbps to a wide area connection on a very small a foot print (2RU). It has been tested extensively by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL). Following the trials, NRL awarded NET and Bay an initial order for multiple units, which are targeted for use within NRL's test bed for Advanced Network and Advanced Terabit Storage Area Networking trials.

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