Monday, December 4, 2006

Internet2 Selects Infinera for Metro Networks

Internet2 has selected Infinera for metro network extensions to its new national backbone network, bringing its ultra high-speed connections to key international exchange points in major cities, including New York City, Chicago and Seattle.

In June 2006, in a joint release with Level 3 Communications, Internet2 announced its plan to deploy its new advanced nationwide research network over the Level 3 backbone. Level 3 is deploying Infinera's DTN optical system to enable Internet2 members to enjoy large-scale capacity and dynamic optical circuit provisioning. Scheduled for completion in mid-2007, the network is planned to provide 100 Gbps of bandwidth throughout the Internet2 network and offer other advanced features.

Infinera and Internet2 plan to demonstrate long-haul 100GE at a meeting this week. The New York-Chicago link will be used to carry SONET traffic in support of an uncompressed high-definition videoconference demonstration and then will be quickly reconfigured to transport Infinera's 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) demonstration. This demonstration will include sending a 100 GbE signal through the Internet2 network from Chicago to New York and back again, a total distance of 4,000 kilometers.


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