Tuesday, December 12, 2006

EMC Enhances MPLS Support for Model-based Management Software

EMC Corporation has enhanced its Smarts IP Availability Manager 7.0 and Smarts Service Assurance Manager 7.0 software with added support for MPLS-based environments. EMC has also added compatibility for a broader range of application and system instrumentation such as HP's Mercury SiteScope -- EMC continues to widen its model-based management line-of-sight.

Smarts IP Availability Manager automates real-time root-cause analysis of critical network connectivity layers, including network-attached storage connectivity. Smarts Service Assurance Manager is the cornerstone of the EMC Smarts management suite, integrating and correlating topology, events and analysis from multiple sources -- offering a real-time end-to-end perspective on the IT environment, its health and its effect on core business services.

Version 7.0 now offers SNMPv3 authentication support for traps, which is a key requirement for government agencies and managed service providers. This gives users two layers of security, providing full encryption of packets as well as full encryption and authentication for polling and discovery. Also key to Smarts IP Availability Manager 7.0 and EMC Smarts Service Assurance Manager 7.0 is "IP Tagging." With IP Tagging, users can better handle overlapping IP addresses in both IP and MPLS environments. Smarts can now tag and monitor multiple links with the same address, allowing Smarts to deal with duplicate addresses across disparate domains.

The new Smarts suite also adds support for isolating MPLS service outages down to the Label Switched Path (LSP) connection within the MPLS cloud. By testing the specific data paths, Smarts reduces the time to identify the root cause of customer-affecting service degradations.