Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Convergin Partners with BEA Systems for Telco SOA

Convergin announced a partnership with BEA Systems to bring Service Oriented Architecture to telecom service delivery while leveraging existing assets in legacy networks and new assets in IMS networks.

The two companies have integrated the Convergin Accolade Wireless Convergence Server (WCS), which is a service interaction platform for IMS and pre-IMS 2G/3G/Fixed networks, with BEA WebLogic's SIP Server, a Java EE-SIP-IMS application server.

The joint solution is designed to allow a viable evolution from legacy service platforms (SCPs), to a service layer with a flexible, next generation, IMS-based, SOA platform, while delivering the equivalent network functionality, efficiency, and control for GSM/CDMA/and Wireline networks.

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