Sunday, December 3, 2006

Cisco Debuts Content Delivery System for Digital Video and IPTV

Cisco introduced a Content Delivery System (CDS) for the delivery of video-on-demand and time-shifted video services to subscribers' televisions, PCs, mobile handsets, portable media players and other media-capable devices.

The Cisco CDS, which is the latest addition to the Cisco IP NGN Service Exchange Framework, is composed of a network of appliances known as Content Delivery Engines (CDEs) which implement content storage, ingest, distribution, personalization and streaming capabilities. Groups of CDEs form a virtual platform for deployment of a variety of Content Delivery Applications (CDAs). In various combinations, CDAs enable service providers to deploy multiple high-value subscriber services such as targeted ad-insertion in broadcast video and video-on-demand (VoD); program time-shifting; local programming; "long tail" content; and public, educational and government channels.

Cisco said its Content Delivery System could be deployed in centralized, decentralized or hybrid configurations, operating as a single logical system with virtually unlimited capacity for ingest, storage and streaming. By physically separating ingest, storage and streaming into separate CDEs, each function scales independently of the others.

The Cisco CDS solution has been chosen by Charter Communications and Time Warner Cable and is in trials with a number of leading wireline providers.

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