Sunday, December 3, 2006

Cantata Enhances Software-Based Media Server

Cantata Technology introduced a new version of its SnowShore IP Media Server, including support for video sharing -- a sophisticated feature allowing the media server to play a video clip along with its associated audio into calls ranging from a simple two party call to large multi-party conferences.

Cantata said this new video sharing feature enables a wide range of applications such as in-call video sharing among mobile users, to corporate conferencing services allowing moderators to play video files during a conference which are viewable by all participants. Also with this release, H.264 and H.263v3 video codecs are supported, providing customers a choice of video encoding and compression standards depending on their particular video messaging and conferencing application needs.

Simultaneous play/record is another new feature that allows the media server to record an entire audio conference, while being able to play conference-wide announcements at the same time. This enables conference participants to be informed that they are being recorded, notifies them of the remaining time, and allows them to hear other pre-recorded announcements and notifications.

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