Sunday, December 3, 2006

BT Vision Combines Freeview TV with Broadband VOD

BT launched its next generation television service
, combining free over-the-air channels, DVR capabilities and broadband-enabled VOD. BT Vision does not require a subscription or minimum monthly payment, differentiating it from other services on the market.

BT is giving away a "V-box" set-top box that contains a personal video recorder (PVR) able to store up to 80 hours of content, pause or rewind live TV. An installation fee of £60 and a connection charge of £30 is required.

BT also announced a content partnership with Warner Bros., securing download-to-own, download-to-rent and subscription video on-demand rights to WB content. The agreement means BT Vision customers will be able to choose from a massive range of Warner Bros current blockbuster titles and classic movies.

In the summer of 2007, BT Vision will launch its new sports service. The company has signed a distribution deal with Setanta Sport channel for its 46 live FA Premiership games. BT Vision will also carry 60 live games from the Scottish Premier League as well as other sports content.

Additionally, Vodafone has agreed to offer a version of BT Vision. Vodafone UK will be the exclusive mobile network partner offering BT Vision.

BT is planning to invest £100 million in 2007 to rollout the service and expects to attract 2-3 millions users over the medium term.

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