Sunday, December 10, 2006

Acme Packet Expands Partnership Program

Acme Packet announced three new members to its partnership program:

  • O1 Communications is a facilities-based California CLEC that provides wholesale VoIP peering solutions to service providers looking to originate and terminate voice traffic in California.

  • Stealth Communications' Voice Peering Fabric (VPF) is a voice marketplace for enterprises, government agencies and carriers worldwide to buy, sell and trunk telephony related services with over a 100 billion minute run-rate in 2006. The VPF ENUM Registry houses over 18 million unique phone numbers allowing for free termination among VPF members.

  • XConnect provides trusted VoIP Federation/Peering services including the innovative settlement-free XConnect Alliance as well as private federations with over 400 service providers in 35 countries. Features include secure (ENUM) registry, multi-protocol signaling management and advanced security including patent-pending SPIT protection.

Acme Packet's Connected Universe program, which was launched last month, helps Acme Packet-enabled service providers quickly find potential IP interconnect and peering arrangements and build business relationships with other Acme Packet-experienced service providers.

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