Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Teknovus EPON Chipset Complies with China Telecom Specs

Teknovus' optical networking unit (ONU) chipset now complies with China Telecom's EPON specifications. The device, which is based on Teknovus' widely deployed TK3713, is a single-chip IPTV ready ONU. It incorporates China Telecom's specifications in the areas of security, DBA (Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation) and interoperability with other EPON chip vendors.

Four equipment vendors have announced deployment of Teknovus' EPON systems in China including Salira Systems, Ocean Broadband, Fiberhome and Suminet (a division of Sumitomo). They, along with Teknovus' unannounced partners, are enabling the traditional PTTs, such as China Telecom and China Netcom, cable operators, and mobile operators to support advanced broadband services including premium video such as IPTV, high-speed data, and VOIP, as well as legacy services covering cell site backhaul, leased line data and TDM voice.


  • In September 2006, Teknovus announced that its GEPON chipsets are currently being used in more than 20 Chinese provinces and cities including Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan; representing three of China's four largest municipalities. Other significant deployments include the province of Shanxi and the city of Fuzhou in the province of Fujian. Carrier wins include Beijing Netcom, Beijing Telecom, Shanghai Telecom, Wuhan Telecom, Hangzhou Telecom, Fuzhou Telecom, Shanxi Taiyuan Netcom, Shanxi Mobile, Yunnan Telecom, Guizhou Telecom and Hubei Netcom.

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