Sunday, November 19, 2006

Siemens Integrates HiPath Wireless Manager with Microsoft's Network Access Protection

Siemens Communications has integrated its HiPath Wireless Manager with Microsoft's Network Access Protection (NAP) platform, enabling companies to monitor and enforce security policy and access control for mobile users who connect through a wireless network.

Network Access Protection is a policy enforcement technology built into the Windows Vista and Windows Server "Longhorn" operating systems that allows customers to better protect network assets from unhealthy computers by enforcing compliance with network health policies. Microsoft's Network Access Protection technology will be publicly available with Beta 2 of Windows Vista, and available to select partners and customers with Beta 2 of the future version of Windows Server, codename "Longhorn."

Siemens' HiPath Wireless Manager is a new, centralized WLAN management platform that enables the enterprise-wide management of thousands of wireless access points and tens of thousands of users from a single console. The platform enables IT managers to monitor and optimize performance using enterprise-wide heat maps, statistics, alerts and reports.

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