Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Optical Internetworking Forum Maps TFI, TDM Signals

The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF)'s Physical and Link Layer Working Group has launched a new project to describe a mapping of the existing TDM-to-Framer Interface (TFI) series of interfaces and their aggregation layer TDM-Protocol (TDM-P). These are methods of transporting SONET/SDH and OTN TDM signals between devices. The CEI-P layer, a protocol layer for the Common Electrical Interface (CEI), was defined in early 2006 and allows the support of FEC on signals in a 64B/66B format.

"This project will tie together three of the OIF's existing specifications and deliver Forward Error Correction (FEC) protected links for Time Division Multiplex (TDM) backplanes," said Brian Holden, MA&E (Marketing Awareness & Education Committee) co-chair for the OIF.

The OIF also announced that its membership has voted to finalize the Implementation Agreement OIF-SFI5-02.0, a SERDES Framer Interface Level 5 Phase 2 (SFI-5.2): Implementation Agreement for 40 Gbps Interface for Physical Layer Devices. This Implementation Agreement describes an interface between SERDES and Framer devices within the Physical Layer (Serdes Framer Interface or SFI). SFI-5.2 is an interface, based on 4 data lines plus de-skew channel, for aggregate data bandwidths of OC-768, STM-256, OTN OTU3, as well as other applications at the 40 Gbps data rate.

The OIF also announced the following leadership team:

In the board of directors election, the OIF membership elected Chuck Sannipoli of IP Infusion and former president of the Network Processing Forum and re-elected Hans-Martin Foisel of Deutsche Telekom, Steve Joiner of Finisar, Stephen Shew of Nortel Networks and Vishnu Shukla of Verizon.

Joe Berthold of Ciena and Monica Lazer of AT&T continue in their elected positions as part of a two-year term on the board.

The board named Joe Berthold as president, Hans-Martin Foisel as vice president, Steve Joiner as vice president of marketing and Monica Lazer as treasurer/secretary.

In addition, Lyndon Ong of Ciena was elected vice chair of the OIF Technical Committee and Jonathan Sadler of Tellabs was re-elected as the Architecture and Signaling Working Group chair.


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