Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Nokia Opens Research Center in Palo Alto, California

Nokia opened a new research center in Palo Alto, California and announced a three-year agreement with Stanford University, to develop joint research projects on collaborative mobile computing and applications. Initially, Nokia Research Center Palo Alto will employ around 35 researchers and plans to expand to upwards of 100 researchers as new projects are established.

Nokia Research Center Palo Alto will initially focus on four core areas:

  • Context-aware content and communities, which could provide technology advancements in the areas of search, advertising and recommendation engines;

  • Wireless grids, that enable a large number of diverse devices to work together;

  • Advanced user interfaces and visual media, for Nokia multimedia computers;

  • Innovation radio and sensor networks, offering novel applications of emerging short-range radio technologies.

Nokia now has major research facilities located in two of the leading U.S. educational and technology markets - Silicon Valley and Cambridge, MA. Nokia Research Center Cambridge is a joint effort with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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