Wednesday, November 22, 2006

COLT Appoints new CEO -- Rakesh Bhasin

COLT Telecom Group has appointed Rakesh Bhasin as its new President and Chief Executive, succeeding Jean-Yves Charlier. Mr. Bhasin will also be joining the COLT Board and Mr. Charlier will be stepping down from the Board.

Bhasin currently is a Group Managing Director of Fidelity. Since February of 2001, he has served as President and Chief Executive of KVH Co., Ltd, a Fidelity Asia-focused telecom and network solutions provider headquartered in Tokyo. Prior to joining KVH in 2001, he served in various senior positions within AT&T, including head of AT&T Asia Pacific's managed network services business from 1993-97, President, AT&T Japan, Ltd., and also Senior Managing Director, Japan Telecom Company Limited. Mr. Bhasin will be stepping down as President and Chief Executive of KVH. From his new position in London, he will remain as non-executive Chairman of KVH.

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