Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Cablevision Reports Continued Growth, Solid ARPU

Cablevision, which serves the competitive New York metro region, added more than 288,000 Revenue Generating Units (RGUs) in Q3, as its ARPU rose to $111.13. In Q2, ARPU was at $109.

Telecommunications Services net revenues, which includes "Optimum" branded consumer cable services and "Optimum Lightpath" branded, fiber-delivered commercial data and voice services, rose 18.1% to $1,075.8 million, operating income increased 18.5% to $168.5 million, compared to the prior year period.

Operational highlights include:

  • Basic video customers up 9,756 or 0.3% from June 2006 and 101,736 or 3.4% from September 2005; tenth consecutive quarter of basic video subscriber gains.

  • iO: Interactive Optimum digital video customers up 93,587 or 4.1% from June 2006 and 521,241 or 28.3% from September 2005.

  • Optimum Online high-speed data customers up 72,438 or 3.8% from June 2006 and 363,446 or 22.7% from September 2005. Optimum Online as a percentage of video customers is 63% a

  • Optimum Voice customers up 113,086 or 11.5% from June 2006 and 499,420 or 83.1% from September 2005.

  • Optimum Voice continues to be a principal driver for Cablevision's three product offers. More than half of new customers that sign up to subscribe to Optimum services buy all three: digital, video, voice and data.
  • The company surpassed 500,000 high-definition, or HD, video subscribers in the third quarter.
  • For Q2 2006, Cablevision added 385,000 new RGUs -- the company's highest second quarter RGU gain ever. Basic video customers were up 35,328; digital video customers were up 143,499; Optimum Online high-speed data customers were up 84,819; and Optimum Voice customers were up 122,234.

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