Sunday, November 12, 2006

BigBand Networks and TVWorks Demo ETV

BigBand Networks and TVWorks, a joint-venture between Comcast and Cox focused on developing next- generation interactive cable technology and services, demonstrated enhanced television (ETV) capabilities as part of a series of interoperability testing at CableLabs headquarters.

BigBand expanded the functionality of its Broadband Multimedia-Service Router (BMR to enable insertion of applications such as interactive advertising, TV-based eCommerce and interactive programming based on CableLabs' ETV specifications. BigBand's network equipment communicates with TVWorks' set-top box client and a range of other elements, including ad servers and set-top boxes from multiple vendors, to deliver interactive TV programming to subscribers.

The TVWorks platform enables deployment of applications based on the CableLabs Enhanced Television -- Binary Interchange Format (EBIF) specifications.

The companies said the EBIF standard should speed the time-to-broadcast and return-on-investment for interactive TV applications by allowing those applications to be developed once and deployed to the majority of the installed digital cable set-top boxes in North America, as well as next- generation cable set-tops coming to the market.


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