Sunday, October 8, 2006

XO Completes Inter-City Net, Restructures into Carrier/Business Services

XO Communications announced the completion of its inter-city fiber network across the US and announced a corporate restructuring into two new business units: XO Business Services and XO Carrier Services.

The new XO long haul network initially delivers 100 Gbps of capacity and sets the stage for a ten-fold capacity increase up to 400 Gbps between any two cities on the XO inter-city network. It spans 18,000 route miles connecting 75 major metropolitan markets across the United States. In addition to its extensive nationwide inter-city network, XO also owns 9,100 route miles, consisting of more than 1 million fiber miles, of local fiber networks in 37 metropolitan markets

XO Business Services will provide businesses and large enterprises with end-to-end voice, data and managed IP communications solutions that leverage XO's extensive nationwide network reach to 75 metropolitan markets. Tom Cady has been named president of XO Business Services. Cady previously focused on the development of Nextlink, the broadband wireless subsidiary of XO Holdings, XO Communications' parent company, until Nextlink's launch and also previously served as chief marketing officer of XO Communications.

XO Carrier Services will focus on delivering a broad range of wholesale voice, data and IP services to cable companies, content and search companies, telecommunications companies, VoIP providers and wireless service providers. Ernie Ortega has been named president of XO Carrier Services. Ortega has served as president of carrier sales at XO Communications. Prior to his appointment as president of carrier sales, he served as vice president of national accounts for XO Communications.

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