Sunday, October 1, 2006

Vyatta Releases Open Source Routing Solution

Vyatta, a start-up based in San Mateo, California, released its open source routing solution running on a Dell PowerEdge 850. The 1U rack-mounted package serves as a mid-range access router, delivering two gigabits of throughput at a fraction of the cost of typical enterprise routers. For users interested in a software-only solution, a freely downloadable version of the OFR is available from the Vyatta web site, as well as software subscriptions which include maintenance, upgrades, and software support services.

"For too long the networking giants have perpetuated the myth that only expensive, proprietary hardware was sufficient to run networks. As a result, customers have been prevented from leveraging the economic advantages of industry standard hardware," said Kelly Herrell, CEO of Vyatta.

  • Vyatta is headed by Kelly Herrell, who previously was the SVP of Strategic Operations at MontaVista Software, an embedded Linux supplier. Its technical team is headed by Robert Bays, who previously was the CTO at Infiniroute Networks.

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