Monday, October 23, 2006

VeriSign Provides ENUM Services for AOL Wireless Messages

AOL will use VeriSign's ENUM Data Access Service for the delivery of messaging traffic to wireless devices within North America. ENUM is the emerging standard that uses the domain name system (DNS) to map telephone numbers to Web addresses or uniform resource locators (URLs).

"AOL's use of the VeriSign ENUM Data Access service is a strong statement of the power of ENUM in action and VeriSign's ability to deliver on new technologies for the convergence of all types of communications," said Bill Wolfe Senior Vice President of Communications at VeriSign.

Delivery of messages from IP devices to mobile devices requires a comprehensive directory service to map each telephone number to the service provider owner or subscriber. In addition to telephone number mapping, the service also requires a real-time check to determine if the number has been ported to another service provider.

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