Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Thomson Personal Multimedia Recorder Compatible with Amazon's Unbox

Thomson announced retail availability in the U.S. of its LYRA X3030 by RCA, a pocket-sized 30GB Personal Multimedia Recorder that enables direct recording of audio and video content from multiple sources.

The new LYRA unit utilizes secure Windows Media (WM10), enabling compatibility with purchased content from ZVUE.com, along with other Microsoft PlaysForSure subscription and download stores such as Amazon's newly launched Unbox service.

The LYRA X3030 features a 3.6-inch color LCD screen with 320 x 240 resolution. Video and audio recording can even be time shifted when using the docking base in conjunction with the included infrared Blaster. When transferring video, the included DivX transcoder software enables conversion of video files to DivX format for playback of any video. A removable lithium ion battery provides up to four hours of constant video playback. The MSRP is $399.