Monday, October 9, 2006

Telchemy Launches IPTV/IP Videoconferencing Performance Monitoring Software

Telchemy released an upgraded version of its VQmon/SA-VM solution for IPTV and IP Videoconferencing performance monitoring. The software can be integrated into IP Set Top Boxes, Residential Gateways, IPTV probes and analyzers, and a wide range of core network and customer premise equipment.

The VQmon/SA-VM system now reports the new "TVQM" - Telchemy Video Quality Metrics, which combines transport quality, video stream quality and perceptual quality metrics, giving a clear view of performance at key protocol layers.

TVQM Transport Quality Metrics include Packet Loss and Discard Rate, Burst/Gap Statistics, FEC Effectiveness, TR 101 290 MPEG Transport Metrics and both Jitter. TVQM Video Stream Metrics include I, B, P frames received, I, B, P frames impaired, Group of Picture structure, and Video codec type, bit rate and frame size.

TVQM Perceptual Quality Metrics include Video Service Transmission Quality (VSTQ), Video MOS, Audio MOS, Audio-Video MOS, and PSNR. MOS scores are calculated using Telchemy's patented perceptual models, which accurately represent the impact of time varying impairments on user perceived quality.

VQmon is a multi-platform, multi-vendor technology for measuring the quality of Voice and Video over IP and providing diagnostic data for problem resolution. VQmon/SA for VoIP and VQmon/SA-VM for IPTV provide the core analysis function for analyzers, and probes, and also are used for traffic analysis and SLA monitoring in routers.

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