Sunday, October 29, 2006

SES Global and Eutelsat to Launch Satellite S-Band over Europe

SES GLOBAL and Eutelsat Communications announced a 50/50 joint venture company, which will operate and commercialize S-band satellite services over Europe for mobile video services. The S-band (2.0 and 2.2 GHz), which represents a new frequency band for both SES and Eutelsat, provides a set of frequencies optimized for supporting a wireless distribution network for mobile devices, including phones, PDAs, laptops and vehicle receivers.

Eutelsat Communications confirmed its order with Alcatel Alenia Space for an S-Band payload on its upcoming W2A satellite, which is slated for launch in 2009. Based on the Alcatel Alenia Space Spacebus 4000C4 platform, W2A's missions also comprise up to 46 transponders in Ku-band and a C-band payload of 10 transponders.

The S-band payload at 2.2 GHz on W2A will allow the delivery, for the first time, of mobile multimedia broadcast services (Mobile TV, digital radio...) directly onto user terminals over France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain or the UK.

Eutelsat plans to build a hybrid infrastructure over Europe, combining satellite and terrestrial networks, providing both universal coverage and indoor penetration for Mobile TV services. W2A's S-band payload will also enable other communications services for example, for security communications or crisis management.

Alcatel confirmed its support to Eutelsat and SES, who joined forces to deliver S-Band services, through its technology development programme, necessary for these innovative services. This solution uses an evolution of the DVB-H standard in the S-Band.