Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pulse~LINK Demos 1394 and Ethernet Over Coax

Pulse~LINK is demonstrating high data rate HD video transmissions using both 1394 (Firewire/iLink) and Ethernet simultaneously over the same coaxial cable. The demo at this week's Connected@Home conference in San Diego features Pulse~LINK's CWave chipset implemented in Mini-PCI card form.

The company said its ability to seamlessly merge both Coax and Wireless connections into one hybrid network using the same chipset addresses many shortcomings of other technologies, such as reliable coverage, security, Quality of Service and throughput limitations.

Pulse~Link claims to deliver over 400Mbps of application layer throughput available across hundreds of feet of consumer grade RG59 coax, including consumer grade cable splitters, varying cable lengths and un-terminated coax stubs.

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