Thursday, October 12, 2006

NTT DoCoMo Unveils 3G Handsets, Including Wi-Fi Models

NTT DoCoMo unveiled 14 new 3G FOMA handsets -- -the 903i series, SIMPURE series and N902iL -- offering a range of advanced functions, such as DoCoMo's "Chaku-Uta Full" full-track music-downloading service. HSDPA-capable models work with the Music Channel service, which enables music programs to be downloaded automatically during the night. Video downloading is also supported as a service. Some of the handset models are also equipped for DoCoMo's "One-segment" digital terrestrial broadcasting.

Other advanced capabilities available on some of models include:

  • DoCoMo's "DCMX" mobile credit card, enabling the phone to function as an e-wallet, timecard and personal identification card for accessing restricted areas.

  • "Keitai-Osagashi Service", a GPS service that enables a misplaced handset to be located with a PC.

  • The ability to create and send highly decorative "Deco-mail" Pictogram messages containing high-resolution icons that come preinstalled in the phones or are available separately via download.

  • "PushTalk" walkie-talkie communication

  • Compatibility with DoCoMo's WORLD WING international roaming service.

  • A dual-network model that can switch automatically between the FOMA network and wireless LANs. Targeted at corporate users, the model offers communication speeds of up to 54Mbps (IEEE802.11g standard), and increased voice quality and more users being able to make voice calls at the same time (IEEE802.11e) on WLANs.

  • Security features include biometric authentication (user's face) and compatibility with DoCoMo's "Omakase Lock" remote locking service, as well as the Data Security Service for backing up phonebooks and other important data on a network server.

The 14 new handsets are part of DoCoMo's plan to unveil a total of more than 20 handsets, including new models in the 703i Series, by the end of March 2007.

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