Thursday, October 12, 2006

NTT DoCoMo and HP Develop Middleware Tying Mobile Networks to Sensors

NTT DoCoMo and HP are jointly developing a new application platform to interconnect cellular telephone systems and sensor networks. The companies are working on a middleware platform that enables interactive communication between those networks and mobile phones.

Software using this middleware is installed on both the sensor networks and the mobile phones, enabling the phones to access the sensor networks directly, across a variety of transmission methods. The phones can then be used to pull data, or even control devices connected to it. The middleware also makes it possible to develop applications and devices compatible with any sensor network, regardless of the type of transmission method it employs.

The companies said their work might be useful for a wide range of services, enabling seamless connections between mobile phones and crime-prevention equipment, home appliances, IC tag readers, and other devices.


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