Monday, October 30, 2006

Nokia Service Suite Bridges Cellular and WLAN

Nokia announced a software solution which automates both the connectivity over the available access methods like cellular and WLAN, and also provides the preferred location and presence specific services to the user.

Nokia Service Suite, which will make its official debut at next week's VON Europe Autumn 2006 Conference in Berlin, is a software application for all Nokia WLAN enabled dual mode devices, including both Nokia Nseries and Nokia Eseries devices. The software automates the connectivity choice between the cellular and Wi-Fi connections. It also provides the preferred location and presence specific services to the user. The software is designed to maximize WLAN usage and supports multiple WLANs configuration. The solution indicates to the end-user when cheap VoIP calls are possible. Services like subscriber identity management, presence, and intelligent call routing information are also available to service providers.

A client application integrates with the mobile device platform software, providing a control point for the device. The client then enables two-way communication, remote application launch, messaging, and file transfer over WLAN.

Service Manager software is used to manage end-users, devices, access points, and services. Accessible information about registered users and devices includes device type, used firmware versions, IMEI, IMSI, MAC address of the device, related security keys, and user-specific service configuration. Service availability can also be configured on access point level. Interfaces available for service/backend integration include RADIUS for external authentication server connectivity; LDAP; SNMP for network management system connectivity;
WAP Push Proxy Gateway to send WAP Push messages over WLAN using standard Push Access Protocol (PAP); SOAP Integrator API for service control integration; SIP application proxy for intelligent call routing; and SMS interfacing plug-in for cellular SMS connectivity.

Nokia said its Service Suite heralds a whole new generation of consumer services for voice, data and rich media.

Telio, a leading European broadband telephony provider, is the first to adopt and deploy the technology for consumers.

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