Monday, October 9, 2006

NewStep Introduces FMC for Small Carriers and Enterprises

NewStep Networks, a spin-out from Bell Canada that was established in 2003, unveiled its CSN30 fixed-mobile convergence platform for enterprises and small carrier environments with up to 30,000 subscribers. The company already offers an FMC platform for larger deployments.

Both platforms converge services across diverse networks to enable subscribers to have a single number, single voicemail, simultaneous ringing across multiple phones, and other features like corporate extension dialing, from existing mobile phones.

The CSN30 offers fixed-mobile convergence with capacity for up to 30,000 subscribers and targeted at enterprises with a large number of mobile workers, and also for smaller network operators that require scalable solutions.

In addition to VCC compliant dual-mode seamless handoff support, the CSN30 provides features such as One Button Transfer, Single Number Service, Automatic Reconnect, Single Voicemail and Voicemail Intercept. The CSN30 delivers PBX extension services, so that employee mobile phones appear like extensions of the company PBX. The CSN30 also offers Optimal Call Routing, which helps enterprises and network operators save on long distance, transfer and roaming charges.

NewStep said that by extending traditional desktop PBX phone capabilities to mobile phones, and allowing the easy transfer of calls between fixed and mobile phones, users get a more consistent, simplified communications experience at a lower cost, and service providers are able to deliver a higher value bundle of fixed-mobile services.

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