Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Modulus Unveils MPEG-4 AVC Encoding Solution

Modulus Video unveiled a real-time, MPEG-4 AVC encoding solution for both SD and HD designed to meet the growing demand for video on demand (VOD) movies and local content delivered over IPTV networks.

The Modulus VODxchange system can convert content from virtually any video format and encode it into MPEG-4 AVC at bit rates specifically optimized for IP networks. It includes advanced features like bandwidth optimizing Constrained Fidelity-Constant Bit Rate (CF-CBR) mode, digital program insertion triggers and integrated low resolution stream output. The solution set includes the MPEG-4AVC encoder, video file transcoding, VTR control, quality control and monitoring and an integrated RAID storage subsystem. VODxchange is expected to ship during Q4 2006.

Modulus Video has been working with ViewNow, a leading IPTV/VOD content aggregator that licenses, encodes and distributes major Hollywood Studio content, to enable MPEG-4 AVC based VOD for IPTV networks.