Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Ixia and Anite Offer Video Telephony Handset Test Platform

Ixia and Anite, a supplier of test and measurement technology for the wireless industry, have integrated two of their key products to simplify video telephony certification.

Ixia's IxMobile video telephony terminal emulator and the Anite SAS wireless toolset together perform both base station and terminal emulation to provide a repeatable and versatile test environment for handset certification. The IxMobile and Anite SAS are seamlessly integrated via IxMobile's programmatic interface to communicate with the handset under test over a contained, RF interface.

The company's said their collaboration helps ensure handsets conform to the test cases selected by the Global Certification Forum (GCF) for video telephony application enabler certification.

IxMobile emulates video telephony terminals communicating with handsets under test for protocol analysis, conformance and inter-operability testing. Wireless handset manufactures can use IxMobile to develop and test 3G video applications, while network operators use IxMobile for handset interoperability testing and acceptance, as well as video telephony network optimization to continually assess and improve quality of experience for their customers.

Anite's SAS interoperability toolset reduces the cost and time taken to bring a certified handset to market. This is achieved by providing a network simulation environment in which handsets may be tested in a variety of real-world conditions.


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