Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Intel Ships WiMAX Chip Supporting Mobile and Fixed Implementations

Intel announced the availability of its WiMAX Connection 2250, next-generation system-on-chip -- its first designed to support mobile networks in addition to fixed networks. The device is optimized for WiMAX modems.

Intel said its WiMAX Connection 2250 is the industry's first dual-mode baseband chip, and when paired with Intel's discrete tri-band WiMAX radio, the solution is capable of supporting all global WiMAX frequencies. Compliance with both the IEEE 802.16-2004 fixed standard and the more advanced IEEE 802.16e-2005 specification for fixed, nomadic and mobile WiMAX functionality enables the development of customer premise equipment that can be deployed in "d" mode and upgraded to "e" mode with an over-the-air software upgrade.

Motorola intends to integrate the Intel WiMAX Connection 2250 into its CPEi 200 Series of WiMAX customer premise equipment. Motorola joins several other leading telecom manufacturers currently expected to deliver Intel WiMAX Connection 2250-based products in 2007.

Among the service providers and equipment manufacturers currently providing Intel WiMAX Connection 2250-based solutions and services are Telefónica de España and Iberbanda working with Alvarion; Pipex and Yozan working with Airspan Networks; GTS Poland working with Aperto Networks; Teledata Moçambique, Lda (Africa), Crowley Data (Poland) and Integrated Telecom Company Ltd. (ITC) (Saudi Arabia) working with Redline Communications. In addition, Motorola, Alcatel, Navini, Proxim, Siemens and SR Telecom, among others, have announced they will also incorporate the new Intel chip into their product lines.

Intel also noted that work has begun on a mobile WiMAX trial in Portland, Ore. in collaboration with Clearwire and Motorola. The trial is expected to run through 2007.

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