Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Helio Hybrid Combines EV-DO and Wi-Fi Roaming for $85/month

HELIO introduced its "Hybrid" access solution that combines a laptop's 3G card and free Wi-Fi access for a monthly fee.

The Helio Hybrid wireless connectivity package (Hybrid Connector software combines a PCMCIA EV-DO card and a Data Connect membership for 3G and Wi-Fi hot spot roaming. Users can manage their wireless connection to Wi-Fi hot spots and a nationwide 3G network. Provided software discovers and organizes available wireless connections including tens-of-thousands of free Wi-Fi hot spots worldwide, the over 55,000 commercial Wi-Fi hot spots in the Boingo Wireless network and 3G in more than 220 major U.S. markets.

The Helio Hybrid card and Hybrid Connector software are free with a two year membership costing $85 per month.

HELIO is the U.S. joint venture between SK Telecom and EarthLink.


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