Sunday, October 8, 2006

Global Crossing Joins Voice Peering Fabric Alliance

Global Crossing has joined Stealth Communications' Voice Peering Fabric Alliance (VPF). Located in nine U.S. cities and London, the Voice Peering Fabric has become the preferred platform for service providers, enterprises and government agencies to buy, sell and peer VoIP traffic and telephony services. VPF is designed as a private voice Internet and functions as an exchange or meet-point for its members to establish peer-to-peer connection.

At current levels, traffic on the VPF is expected to surpass 100 billion minutes in 2006, up from 18 billion minutes in 2005.

Global Crossing will leverage its global MPLS network and portfolio of broadband services to provide customers with Ethernet connectivity to the VPF from any point on the Global Crossing network.

"Global Crossing is committed to the concept of peering," said Anthony Christie, Global Crossing's chief marketing officer. "Our involvement in the VPF gives us access to like-minded VoIP service providers who want to unleash the full potential of end-to-end IP communications."

  • Earlier this year, Global Crossing introduced VoIP Community Peering, a feature of the company's VoIP Outbound and VoIP On-Net Plus Services. VoIP Community Peering helps customers more easily predict their costs, potentially attain higher margins on their VoIP services, and offer flat-rate cost models to their end users by eliminating PSTN usage charges that occur in the VoIP-over-PSTN environment that is prevalent today.

  • In September, Global Crossing announced its willingness to enter bi-lateral VoIP Peering relationships with other VoIP providers.

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