Monday, October 16, 2006

FiberNet Deploys VoIP Gateway Services with Nextone

FiberNet Telecom Group launched VoIP Gateway Services provide TDM to VoIP conversion and inter-working between SS7 and C7 signaling. The company also introduced a SmartPartition Service that routes VoIP traffic and aggregates it to a central system. These new services are specifically targeted at those carriers that buy or sell voice termination but lack either gateway or switch capacity to do so using IP.

Built on the NexTone Real-time Session Manager (RSM) platform, the FiberNet SmartPartition Service includes the full suite of available NexTone service modules:

  • Route Analysis Module: processes Call Detail Records (CDR) in real-time, from one or more session controllers, to determine quality of service and other measures of system performance.

  • Events and Statistics Module: provides summaries of operational events, platform performance and facilitates alarming.

  • Least Cost Routing Module: generates reports illustrating the priority in which calls are routed to carrier partners. LCR functionality also includes an easy to use report that displays the routes prioritized by the order of least cost.

  • Adaptive Routing Module: provides a set of actions to change the session controller's routing configuration and disable calls, at endpoint ingress or egress, based on a detected alarm condition.

  • Business Analysis Module: processes CDRs to produce on-demand business reports. BAM provides 44 reports that allow a wide range of supplier, customer, revenue, route and profitability analyses to be conducted.

  • Web Interface Module: enables secure web access to the system for
    operational staff and customers. Users can access and control their endpoints, including gateways, access system features and produce reports.

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