Monday, October 23, 2006

EMBARQ Rolls out "Smart Connect" Business FMC Service

Embarq, the fifth largest local communications company in the U.S., introduced a "Smart Connect" service that allows calls to move seamlessly between a business' wireless and wireline networks -- without interrupting the call. EMBARQ began its tiered rollout of this new technology by launching in Las Vegas, Orlando and Charlottesville, Va.

The general capability can be enhanced further with the EMBARQ "Smart Connect Plus", which enables calls to automatically move between the EMBARQ wireless network and the on-premise Wi-Fi network, whichever is strongest, without manual transfer of the call. This helps to reduce wireless costs, and improve coverage and call quality. EMBARQ also said its smart network connection will help minimize dropped calls, allow for better management of wireless charges and provide efficient integration of mobile workers.

EMBARQ Smart Connect will work with any wireless device and network service provider.

EMBARQ Smart Connect Plus employs the Starcom Pocket PC 6700 phone allowing automatic moves between Wi-Fi and wireless networks. This handset combines Evolution Data Optimized (EVDO) and Wi-Fi data functionality.

  • EMBARQ is using NewStep Networks' fixed-mobile convergence platform.

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