Tuesday, October 17, 2006

D-link Announces 802.16-2005-Compliant WiMAX Router

D-Link made its entry into the WiMAX consumer premise equipment (CPE) market with an 802.16-2005 (formerly 802.16e)-compliant WiMAX router designed for service providers looking to offer wireless residential service.

The new router supports wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN) and multiple physical layer (PHY) protocols. It supports adaptive modulation -- 64QAM, 16QAM, QPSK -- with up to 5 b/s/Hz spectral efficiency, and 1K fast Fourier transform (FFT) and channel bandwidth up to 20 MHz. Security implementation is based on AES-CCM (advanced encryption standard). Efficient MAC secure data unit (SDU) fragmentation/packing maximizes bandwidth utilization.

Field testing is expected in Q4 and general availability is forecast for Q1 2007.


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