Sunday, October 1, 2006

Broadlight Releases GPON PHY Chip for Lower Cost Deployments

BroadLight announced commercial availability of a new GPON PHY (GPHY) ASIC aimed at lower-cost ONTs. The new device (BL2901) integrates the GPON ONT transceiver's functions of PMD, control and diagnostic functions into a single ASIC. Together with BroadLight's BL2000 ONT System on Chip (SoC), makers of GPON ONTs can now eliminate the traditional costly transceiver module and replace it with lower cost Bidirectional (BiDi) or Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) optical devices.

"ONT cost is the number one feature in the PON market and the BL2901 will enable BroadLight's customers to be successful with the major GPON rollouts," said Andrew Vought, CEO of BroadLight.

The BL2901 is an analog front-end for the BL2000 ONT SoC for interfacing with and controlling Bidirectional (BiDi) and Planar Lightwave Circuit (PLC) optical devices. The BL2901's functions includes a limiting amplifier supporting a choice of PIN or APD diodes and burst-mode laser driver for FP or DFB lasers. The control through BroadLight's GPHY application software enables compensation for aging, temperature and tracking variations during operation. In manufacturing test, the large variance in optical device parameters is compensated automatically tuning the optics for optimum performance thus cutting down the testing time and labor cost.


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