Sunday, October 22, 2006

Broadcom Introduces Ultra-Low Power Wi-Fi Chips for Mobile Devices

Broadcom began sampling two ultra-low power 54g Wi-Fi chips optimized for devices such as Wi-Fi-enabled mobile phones, portable media players, handheld gaming systems and digital cameras.

Both the BCM4326 and BCM4328 WLAN solutions combine highly-integrated single-chip 802.11Wi-Fi transceivers and radios with a software architecture that reduces the Wi-Fi subsystem's total power consumption. Broadcom's low power chips intelligently manage how they transmit and receive data packets, delivering high-performance wireless capabilities while extending battery life. In addition, either the BCM4326 or BCM4328 can be combined with Broadcom's proven Bluetooth, VoIP, multimedia processor, FM radio and cellular solutions.

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