Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Belgacom Selects Ruckus Wireless Gateways for IPTV

Belgacom selected Ruckus Wireless to supply in-home "smart Wi-Fi" systems to support its popular digital broadband TV service -- Belgacom TV. Belgacom is offering consumers the Ruckus MediaFlex system at a one-time nominal cost in lieu of cable installation. It is also making the system available in some 150 Belgacom retail and dealer outlets.

Belgacom was providing IPTV services to more than 73,000 customers at the end of June. The carrier delivers more than 70 IPTV channels through its "Classic +" service including national and a range of international channels for EUR 9.95 per month. In addition, Belgacom TV offers the "Select" package of 15 new channels for EUR 14.94 per month as well as on-demand services with more than 300 movies available from EUR 2 to EUR 5 per movie.


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