Tuesday, October 17, 2006

AT&T to Provide Citywide Wi-Fi in Riverside, CA

AT&T will build and operate a citywide Wi-Fi wireless broadband Internet access network in Riverside, California. The agreement represents the largest planned AT&T deployment of citywide Wi-Fi service to date.

AT&T said the project will also be the nation's largest Wi-Fi network that is designed for both public and municipal use, covering the city's 80-plus square miles.

The agreement calls for AT&T to deploy equipment on city light poles and fixtures throughout the coverage area. AT&T will maintain and upgrade the network and all related equipment, as well as handle all customer service operations. Wi-Fi connections will feed into the same AT&T backbone network infrastructure that delivers a full range of broadband services, including DSL broadband and virtual private networks for businesses.

All users will be able to access a free broadband option with speeds expected to range between 200 and 500 Kbps. A range of ad-free, paid subscription options, including day passes and monthly subscriptions will also be available with speeds of up to 1 Mbps. Final details on the service packages and pricing will be announced at the launch of the service.

In addition, the city of Riverside will use a parallel AT&T Wi-Fi system supporting municipal and public-safety communications needs. After testing this system across a three-square-mile area, Riverside will have the option to use this parallel system or the citywide network to support municipal services. This parallel system will run over a separate frequency to enhance communications for city police, fire and public works employees.


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