Wednesday, October 25, 2006

AT&T Offers Remote Home Monitoring Video Service

AT&T introduced a new home monitoring service that enables customers to use both personal computers and Cingular wireless devices to access high-quality, streaming digital video and other real-time data and information from their homes. The service combines live and recorded video (non-audio) capabilities with a range of environmental sensor options. Users can customize alerts and actions.

For example, a user can program the service to send a text message alert to a cell phone when motion is detected in an area of the home, while at the same time automatically turning on lighting and recording video of the same area.

AT&T is offering a $199 starter package that includes:

  • A pan-and-tilt IP camera

  • Two power modules that enable device connectivity via home power outlets

  • A wireless door/window sensor

  • A wireless gateway for connecting equipment to a home network

Thereafter, the service is provided for $9.95 a month.