Sunday, October 22, 2006

ANDA Selects Raza's Intelligent Access Processor for EtherSLAM Platform

ANDA Networks is using Raza Microelectronics' Orion Intelligent Access Processor to power its newly announced EtherSLAM "access DSLAM" for Ethernet. ANDA's new EtherSLAM applies the concept of a residential DSLAM to the business broadband marketplace by delivering 10-100Mbps E-Line and E-LAN Ethernet service.

The Orion device is an Ethernet over next-generation SONET/SDH access processor that provides flexible interface options including Gigabit Ethernet, 10/100 Ethernet, protected SONET/SDH (optical or MSPP fabric), and a PDH expansion bus for T1/E1 and T3/E3 service capabilities.

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