Sunday, October 8, 2006

AirPlay Receives $14 Million for Merging Mobile Gaming and Live TV

AirPlay, a start-up based in San Francisco, secured $14 million in a Series B investment round for its efforts to merge mobile gaming and live television.

AirPlay is seeking to transform television viewing from a passive activity to an immersive experience by allowing viewers to play along with their favorite live television programs from their mobile phones.

In August, AirPlay delivered Emmys AirPlay Live from Sprint, which allowed viewers to predict winners and losers, view commentary and answer trivia questions during the 58th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on August 27.

AirPlay's flagship sports game, AirPlay Live Football, enables football fans to make real-time game predictions from their phones during live broadcasts of this season's NFL games.

QUALCOMM and Motorola, and premier venture funds JK&B Capital, ONSET Ventures and Redpoint Ventures, all participated in the financing led by JK&B.

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