Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Teliasonera Selects Kineto Wireless for UMA

TeliaSonera has selected Kineto Wireless' UMA platform to deliver its "Home Free" cellular/Wi-Fi service.

Kineto Wireless' technology is used within the UMA Network Controllers (UNC) deployed by TeliaSonera that enable seamless handover between the GSM network and Wi-Fi access points. In addition, Kineto's technology is integrated with the Philips Nexperia platform into the Samsung P200 UMA handset.


  • In August 2006, TeliaSonera introduced its Home Free Mobile IP service in Denmark. Based on UMA, the service enables a mobile phone to function as an IP phone at home through a wireless network (WiFi). The user can make calls at lower IP rates when at home and use the phone as a normal mobile phone outside the home. The user gets a simple voice service: one phone, one address book, and one bill.


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