Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tektronix Adds IPTV Diagnostics & Analysis Capabilities

Tektronix introduced its Spectra2|VQM v2.0, an integrated, multi-user video media quality, signaling and control protocol analyzer -- the latest in its suite of test, measurement and monitoring solutions for triple play and IPTV services.

Spectra2|VQM v2.0 leverages the company's existing VoIP and converged voice networks testing platform to deliver IP video and network quality metrics, such as presence, accuracy and delivery. Its signaling analysis capabilities include support of the two major video control protocols, Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) and Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). The solution's discovery function automatically detects which video channels are active, and users can also manually add video stream channels, as needed. The discovery function provides a top-level view of all media channels currently detected and analyzed, including the active state of the channels, real-time bit rates, mode and status. Other features include the display of QoS statistics for real-time monitoring and rapid fault isolation of live video streams. Users can easily view pre- and post-FEC (Forward Error Correction) statistics on one screen, as well as determine QoS and QoE for IP video signaling and video transport.

Spectra2|VQM v2.0 includes support for MPEG Transport Stream (TS) directly over UDP, which helps users track MPEG TS metrics. The solution also supports simultaneous testing and monitoring of a high number of single program transport streams (SPTS). The session trace feature for video on demand (VoD) lets users see associated RTSP and media messages for each VoD session being analyzed, all from a single screen.

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