Wednesday, September 6, 2006

TANDBERG's Next Gen Encoders Deliver HDTV at Under 6 Mbps

TANDBERG Television introduced its next-generation high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) MPEG-4 AVC encoding solutions claiming bandwidth improvements of up to 50% over currently deployed MPEG-4 AVC units.

The product launch includes new EN8030 MPEG-4 AVC SD and EN8090 MPEG-4 AVC SD/HD ultra compression broadcast encoders, alongside the introduction of new MPEG-4 AVC HD and SD ultra compression encoding modules for the Plex range of high density, multi-channel encoders.

TANDBERG's new encoders enable HDTV services to be delivered at data rates below 6 Mbps, with similar improvements to SD services, and are designed to enable operators to deliver HD and SD multi-channel and single channel services across cable, satellite, telco and terrestrial networks.

The company said this step change in bit-rate performance represents tangible benefits to broadcasters and telcos.

  • For IPTV operators it enables 2 full-resolution HDTV channels over ADSL2+ @ 2km.

  • For satellite broadcasters it delivers transponder cost savings and the opportunity to add in more HD channels. For example, a 36MHz transponder with:

    DVB-S2 and QPSK - can fit more than 6 channels of full-resolution HD

    DVB-S2 and 8PSK - can fit more than 8 channels of full-resolution HD

The next-generation encoders also feature multi-channel capability and high density configurations. Running in HD mode from a single HDTV input, the platform is capable of generating 3 channels:

  • the main HD full resolution channel,

  • a secondary version of the main channel running up to full SD resolution, allowing operators to internally convert HD content to SD to also deliver their services to SD-only set-top-box consumers

  • a third "micro" channel for use in Picture-in-Picture, mosaic, and alternate/multi-view applications.

This multi-channel feature results in the new EN8090 HD MPEG-4 AVC broadcast encoder being able to deliver 1 HD + 1 secondary SD + 1 low resolution PiP service per 1RU, while the high density Plex systems are capable of 12 channels - 4 HD + 4 secondary (up to full SD) + 4 Low resolution (up to SIF / 1/4SD) services - in 1RU.

The NEBS-certified, telco-designed Plex encoders include both encoding and MPEG-2 to MPEG-4 AVC transcoding solutions.