Wednesday, September 27, 2006

T-Com Tests 40 Gbps with Ericsson's DWDM

Deutsche Telekom's fixed network unit, T-Com, and Ericsson completed a trial for next-generation 43Gbps optical transmission technology over a 1000km link in T-Com's DWDM network in Germany. The use of 40Gbps optical transmission facilitates 40 Gbps connections between IP core routers.

The trial was conducted over T-Com's optic link between the German cities of Nuremberg and Oschatz (1047km), which is equipped with Ericsson's WDM platform.

Ericsson's next-generation 43Gbps optical transmission technology is based on the new modulation format return-to-zero differential quadrature phase shift keying (RZ-DQPSK). This modulation format exhibits high robustness against PMD (Polarization Mode Dispersion).


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