Thursday, September 7, 2006

SFT Evaluates Hybrid Satellite/Mobile Broadcasting from Alcatel

Alcatel and SFR, the second largest mobile telecommunications operator in France with 17.4 million customers and 8,000 employees, are working together on different growth scenarios for the mobile TV market in France, as well as on a variety of marketing approaches to match different usage profiles and consumption models. Specifically, SFR will evaluate the technical performance of Alcatel's "Unlimited Mobile TV", a hybrid satellite and terrestrial solution in the S-Band. This solution has received the support from the French Industrial Innovation Agency.

Alcatel and SFR have exchanged comparative deployment cost information for the different mobile broadcasting solutions. Alcatel provided SFR with information regarding configuration, as well as the number of sites needed to deploy such an S-band network, and the two companies have jointly validated certain technical and cost hypotheses associated with this deployment.